The eBook Reader


If you go on a tour or just traveling somewhere for a few days, then the time may be annoying sometimes, so drive eBook was invented to escape those boring times. If you’re a book reader and can not sleep without reading, then you should do with your life or in the digital world. There is no need to get to work in the bookkeeping of weight, just put the 400 × 800 resolution 4GB memory Electronic Book Reader, which has the capacity store thousands of books that make your life very easy. It is easy to use. You will need to press the buttons and all the books will be there for you. This player eBook has an internal memory of 4 GB which is enough to carry all your favorite books. This device is also facilitated with the music and video playback features that can also entertain while watching movies or listening to favorite songs.

This model of drive eBook a Lithium battery and IT can be used up to 28 hours if only the music is played and video game time is up to 7 hours. It has 5-inch LCD screen that has very nice display system without blurring images and texts. It has the capacity with USB 2.0 high speed data transfer capability and drive eBook supports multiple audio file formats, video and images. This model of drive eBook also supports Microsoft Word and PDF files documents. There are many latest features such as: auto flip, TTS voice reading, automatic shutdown, etc. The most interesting aspect of this and many eBook reader is that its memory is expandable through the slot for additional SD card to your requirement. The operating speed of this device is fast enough to run the various applications.

The drive design eBook is very beautiful and stylish so it will not only provide application services but also make your personality grow higher . Since it was both entertaining and playback functions player eBook can be the best for all age groups. This allowed people to carry thousands of products in the pocket. Therefore, eBook reader is an amazing device for a wide range of uses for long time without facing difficulties. These devices are made to be resistant to a certain extent and it is zero with very high external housing.

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