Phone looks like a Wallet


The L189 is a dual-sim with audio, video, radio and an integrated camera. I can very well throw all my other electronics and survive with only one. The dual-sim function makes the two phones in one, and other features make my TV, video, radio, stereo, and a camcorder. It also has JAVA and is Wi-Fi, so I could make a movie and post it online if I wanted.

The two things I look for in phones beauty and a large screen. It also helps if she has music, and a function of delivery report. This phone has it all and then some. The cool thing about this phone is that it looks different. Navigation or scroll keys aren’t the middle like on regular phones. They sit it a little to the right, as an asymmetrical ponytail. Who defines only differs from other mobile phones.

But there’s more. The phone comes with its own bag, an elegant black jacket that makes your phone look like a portfolio. It not only keeps the screen bright and clean, it also adds to the appeal phones. These days, phones are like cars when it comes to attracting dates, and leather case certainly scores more points. The case of postponement isn’t just for looks either. It comes with an integrated battery, which, coupled with the phones of two external batteries, adds a lot of talk time.

The L189 is deliciously light at just over 100g, and has a high resolution camera 1280 x 1024 pixels. This phone has a bar, which is always a good thing in my book. Thongs and sliding phones are just trouble. And its much more difficult to change the back cover of a clam shell phone.

This phone has a pad and touch input handwriting. I’ve always liked that because it gives the cell phone a sentimental quality. Its almost like writing a note in my journal or notebook, and it makes sending text messages more personal.

Another thing I would like on this phone is that it has Bluetooth, GPS and G-sensor, so it can help you find your way around. It can also help you find someone if you get lost. All they have to do is synchronize their phone with yours and they’ll know where you are at any time. Of course, this can be a bad thing if you’re somewhere you’re not supposed to be.

In addition to FM, the phone has an FM recorder programmed, which means that you can program to record your favorite radio shows so you can listen later. It has other standard features like 5 Alarm groups and a directory with up to 1000 contacts.

This not-so-little beauty is available online and comes with free shipping. The more you buy, the better the deal, so go take a look. Its really worth.


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